Small village in the North of France. Church. Castle. Also of course the Mairie.  And some houses of which most look abandoned.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Once again, I walked the Illuminade.   Click:

The Amsterdam School

Click: The Amsterdam School is a style of architecture that arose from 1910 through about 1930 in the Netherlands. Buildings of the Amsterdam School are characterized by brick construction with complicated masonry with… Continue reading

Inside the egg

Museum de Fundatie

An egg or an eye?

Museum de Fundatie is a museum for the visual arts in Zwolle. The museum was expanded in 2012-2013 with an egg-shaped extension on the roof


Click for a better view:


With Ron’s photo-friends, we went for a walk @Elswout. What a beautiful park! Click for a better view:


Told you! Lines and reflections, I love it! Click for a better view:    

Burcht van Berlage, part 2

The Burcht van Berlage is the oldest Trade Union building of the Netherlands. Council room. Click for a better view: Hall. Click for a better view:

House of Bartolotti

Bartolotti house was built around 1620 commissioned by the wealthy banker-merchant William Bartolotti van den Heuvel. The Merchant House is  in Dutch Renaissance style. About 1755-1756 took a major renevation place, at which… Continue reading