Fort Asperen, part of the Dutch Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, founded in the 19th century.  


Perfect shapes!


Stunning new railway station in Arnhem. Very nice organic shapes, lovely details. In this post I show the details, more posts will follow. Please watch the slideshow.  


Such a perfect day! Sun! Clouds! Rain! Simplicity….


Do I want photos that look like postcards? NO! Time to explore the filters in the NIK software. I think I like ‘Solarization’. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS:


This place looks abandoned. Have they taken a sabbatical? Or is it just because it is Sunday? 🙂

Number 10

As a proud mother, I like making photos of my sons. Milan, the youngest one, plays korfbal, a typical Dutch sport.  

Hoorn by night

Click on the photos: #seemycity


Okay, last one. Last week I had a new experience: it was my first time making photos of models in a studio. I have to share these photos………..  


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