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Details of Dudok

Dudok (6 July 1884 – 6 April 1974) was a Dutch modernist architect. He became City Architect for the town of Hilversum in 1928 where he was best known for the brick Hilversum… Continue reading


With Ron’s photo-friends, we went for a walk @Elswout. What a beautiful park! Click for a better view:


The ‘Inkpot’ in Utrecht is the largest brick building in the Netherlands. Click to have a better view:  


Watch the slideshow


Gorgeous lines in Groningen

This building of DUO is fascinating, because it has unusual curves and lines. I made a lot of photos. This is just my first post…..:-) Click on the photographs:

Lines in LaDefense


Amsterdam Sloterdijk area…


SugarCity is the new name for the area of the CSM sugar plant at Halfweg. Over time the production of sugar became less and less important for the CSM company, which led to… Continue reading

Curves and more

I went to Utrecht, not only for streetphotography (previous post), but also to enjoy photographing some very nice buildings.